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Do High Heat and Humidity Affect the Results of LASIK?    
According to the latest information available: No, they DO NOT. A study published in 2008, done at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center evaluated results from 191 patients using twelve variables that were suspected to affect the accuracy of LASIK surgeries, including age, sex, outdoor temperature, room temperature, and curvature of the cornea (which is the structure that LASIK changes), found that apparently, indoor humidity in the surgery suite ... Read More

Possible Laser Surgery Complications     
Complications of Laser Surgery Complications and risks are an inherent part of any surgery despite advanced technology and skilled professionals involved in the process. Although there is a small possibility of a serious vision complication because of laser surgery it is important to know these risks in order to make an informed decision regarding the procedure. Remember the goal of laser surgery is not necessarily to eliminate the need for corrective eyewear but to reduce a p... Read More

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