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Contact Lens Overwear    
Contact Lens Overwear Back in the 1500s Leonardo Da Vinci was the first to develop the concept of a contact lens. If Leo could only see us now he would marvel at the hundreds of contact lens designs and dozens of highly sophisticated plastic polymers. Today it’s rare that a patient cannot be fitted with some kind of contact lens. But are we treating our eyes well? It’s true that contact lenses are wonderful and they provide an excellent alternative to glas... Read More

Understanding and Avoiding Contact Lens Complications: Allergic Reactions    
People who suffer from allergies can find it almost intolerable to wear their contact lense. The itching, tearing and blurred vision can seem overwhelming at times. Like infections, allergies can affect not just the cornea but also the conjunctiva, the transparent membrane that covers the whites of the eyes and lines the insides of the eyelids. Allergens can be seasonal, like hay fever or the springtime reactions some of us endure each year. In addition, contact lens patients can ... Read More

Understanding and Avoiding Contact Lens Complications: Overwear Syndrome    
Contact lenses are a wonderful mode of vision correction and provide an excellent alternative to eyeglasses, but patients should remember that they are medical devices, available by prescription. Like many other medical interventions, they are subject to complications and risk of adverse events. Most contact lens-related complications involve either decreased oxygen levels getting to the cornea or lens care and cleaning issues. By following instructions as to wear schedules, lens rep... Read More

Understanding and Avoiding Contact Lens Complications: Polymegathism, Neovascularization and the Endothelial Pump    
Avoiding complications related to contact lens wear is easy: keep the lenses as sanitary as possible, clean and care for them as your eyecare practictioner recommends, and wear them as directed. Three big long words describe a set of interrelated complications of contact lens wear that are the result of a decrease in oxygen levels at the surface of the eye. The cornea, the clear, dome-shaped structure that allows light to enter the eye, is sensitive to the flow of oxygen, which normall... Read More

Understanding Contact Lens Complications: Infection    
An infection of the eye related to contact lens wear is rare; however, if it occurs, it must be treated as a vision-threatening emergency. Handwashing before handling your contact lenses will help prevent infections. Most contact lens solutions are composed of chemicals with preservatives that break down over time once they are exposed to air, such as being squirted into the well of a contact lens case. This is to decrease the incidence of solution-related sen... Read More

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