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Optic Neuritis     
Optic neuritis (also called retrobulbar retinitis) is an inflammation of the optic nerve the “cable” that transmits visual information from the eye to the brain. (Optic = eye; retrobulbar = behind the eye; neuritis = nerve inflammation.) The optic nerve plays such a key role in vision that anything that happens to it affects eyesight. When inflammation is mild vision can be almost normal but severe inflammation can cause loss of vision. Optic neuritis can occur in one or bot... Read More

Optic Neuritis/ Retrobulbar Neuritis    
Optic Neuritis is an inflammation of the optic nerve, which leaves the back of the eye and exits into the brain at the back of the bony orbit of the skull. The optic nerve serves the very important function of getting visual information from the eye into the brain and to the visual cortex, located in the back of the head. Sometimes this condition is referred to as Retrobulbar Neuritis , in order to reflect that it is located behind the eye. Typically, a patient arrives in their op... Read More

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