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Keratoconus (ker-ah-to-ko’-nus) means to have a ‘coned-shaped cornea’. It is a relatively common and non-inflammatory progressive disorder whereby the normally round cornea becomes thin and irregularly conically shaped. The abnormal shape of the cornea prevents the light from correctly focusing on the retina. Called irregular astigmatism it results in blurred vision and visual distortions. Nearly 10 per cent of new cases of keratoconus show some level of genetic transm... Read More

Keratoconus: Better Treatment and Better Prognosis    
From the Greek words “kerato,” which means cornea and “konus,” meaning cone-shaped, keratoconus is a progressive condition which causes the normally dome-shaped clear cornea to become thinner and irregularly-shaped. Because the cornea is the main refractive surface of the eye, any irregularities in its shape or curvature cause vision to become distorted and blurry. In figure 1, the photo simulates what someone with uncorrected keratoconus might see; some obje... Read More

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