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Contact Lenses: A Great Way to See! - Staying Safe in Contacts    
Section one of this series introduced you to contact lenses (CLs); they are a great way to correct your vision, for optical reasons as well as cosmetic ones. In this section, you will be given some general instructions on how to care for your contact lenses, how to wear them, and some good ideas for keeping your eyes healthy and beautiful. Most of these things might be considered to be the product of common sense, although a lot of it may be new to you. Sometimes, lack of attention to the... Read More

Contact Lenses: A Great Way to See! - Information about Contacts and their Use    
If you are considering contact lenses for your vision correction, it is helpful for you to know a few things about them, such as the different types of lenses, how they work, what they feel like. New technology in contact lens materials and design has allowed many people who could never before wear contact lenses to become good candidates for this method of vision correction. From the very young to the more mature patient, almost anyone can wear contact lenses successfully with the right fit... Read More

The Basics of Contact Lenses     
Contact lenses are ideal for those who feel that eyeglasses are a hassle; they can slip down your nose fog up get dirty and be misplaced. These problems do not exist with contact lenses and they are additionally beneficial as they can increase peripheral vision due to their close proximity to the eye. Sports-minded people often prefer contact lenses as there is a decreased risk of injury during physical activity because unlike spectacles they will not fall off get in the way or get di... Read More

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