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How to Insert or Remove Your Contact Lens     
Most contact lens wearers laughingly remember struggling in front of a mirror the first time they tried to insert or remove their lenses. As they soon learned inserting contact lenses follows the old saying - with practice comes perfect. For everyone from first time contact lens wearer to experienced contact users here are a few helpful tips to show you how to properly insert and remove your contact lenses: Checking if your soft or disposable contact lens is right side out.   ... Read More

Soft Toric Lenses: Contacts for those with Astigmatism    
Astigmatism is a common vision condition affecting a large portion of the population. In an eye without astigmatism, the  cornea , the clear dome-shaped “window” over the iris, is shaped like a sphere, similar to a basketball. In astigmatism, the cornea has different curvatures, much like that of an American football. As this illustration shows, a football has more curve to it when measured horizontal, parallel to the line of stitches than it does running around its middle... Read More

The Basics of Contact Lenses     
Contact lenses are ideal for those who feel that eyeglasses are a hassle; they can slip down your nose fog up get dirty and be misplaced. These problems do not exist with contact lenses and they are additionally beneficial as they can increase peripheral vision due to their close proximity to the eye. Sports-minded people often prefer contact lenses as there is a decreased risk of injury during physical activity because unlike spectacles they will not fall off get in the way or get di... Read More

The Importance of Contact Lens Compliance     
When a new lens is placed on the cornea the level of oxygen getting through to the cornea is at its peak. Thanks to recent advances in contact lens technology new lens materials and care systems can provide unbelievable comfort throughout the day. But contact lens use is not without risk and the potential for vision-threatening problems is present especially in those who abuse the use of contacts. Those who overextend contact lens wearing time or don’t replace their lenses as instructed... Read More

Using the Right Contact Lens Solutions     
Proper lens cleaning and disinfection is critical for healthy and comfortable contact lens wear. Just because the packaging says “ultimate lens cleaner” or “no-rub lens solution”, does not mean that any contact lens care system will do. There are hundreds of different brands of soaps and shampoos, each containing different ingredients for different skin and hair types – contact lens solutions are just as varied. Particularly in recent times, the contact lens ... Read More

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