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Teenage Eye     
Changes in the development of the eye mostly occur during childhood but the front of the eye might continue to grow well into a person s twenties. Vision needs will change until the eyes finally settle into their adult shape. Regular professional eye examinations are necessary to monitor changes in vision. Learn what to expect from an appointment with an eyecare practitioner. In this section several articles are available to help you make the best decisions regarding eyewear and eye conc... Read More

Teenagers and Contact Lenses     
A recent study showed that children as young as 11 years of age are mature enough to handle contact lens regimens. With the increasing popularity of contact lenses as an option for vision correction teenagers are often eager to experience the benefits of contact lens wear. Many parents question the safety of wearing contact lenses at a young age and wonder if their teenager is ready to wear them. In fact there has never been a better time to be a young contact lens wearer. Now with lens ca... Read More

When can Children Begin to Wear Contact Lenses?    
There is no “magic age” when all kids can begin to wear contacts. Instead, parents should begin to think about contact lenses for their children when parents notice that: The child expresses an interest in wearing contacts instead of glasses all the time. The prospective contact lens wearer has the manual dexterity and is responsible enough to care for his or her lenses properly. If there is an optical or treatment reason, such as a large a... Read More

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