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Exercise Your Eyes for Optimum Performance    
Most of us realize that exercise helps us keep our muscles flexible and efficient, but we don’t usually think about how the muscles that control the movement of the eyes or those that help us change focus from distant objects to close-up reading materials could also benefit from a short workout now and then. While these exercises won’t allow us to get rid of our glasses (if we use them) or replace our annual vision examination, they will help to keep our eye muscles from be... Read More

Reading Skills: Best Bet for Successful Students    
In the United States, August is National Children’s Vision and Learning Month. Each year, both kids and their parents prepare for the coming school year. As the summer winds down, all across North America, people are shopping for school supplies, new backpacks and new shoes. Parents expect and hope their kids will do well in school; academic success is crucial for a child’s future, both in terms of choices they may be able to make later in life and in psychological and em... Read More

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