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Eyewear for Different Sports     
Eyewear for Different Sports Every sport requires something different from its players be it speed agility precision teamwork or strength. Each sport requires unique eyewear to best protect its players from injuries while also enhancing vision for superior performance. Below is a list of popular sports and types of protective eyewear that are essential to safe and comfortable play. Information on protective eyewear involving tennis badminton squash racquetball and ping-pong... Read More

Sports and Work - Protective Lenses    
Sports and Work – Protective Lenses Goggles with prescription lenses will help visual acuity when not wearing contact lenses... Consider these statistics: * 50000 North Americans lose their sight needlessly each year * More than 40000 people are victims of sports eye injuries every year * Three out of five workers who suffered an eye injury wore no protection; of those who did 40 per cent wore the wrong kind * 90 per cent of the daily eye accidents that occur ar... Read More

Sports: Protecting and Enhancing your Vision    
Sports: Protecting and Enhancing Your Vision Safety The manufacturers of sports eyewear know that their products serve two purposes for athletes and active people. They protect eyes from the dangers associated with various sports and they enhance performance in extremely competitive environments by providing clear vision improving contrast and reducing glare. The technology behind sports eyewear enables people to potentially play better harder and safer than they would without eyewear. S... Read More

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