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Sports: Protecting and Enhancing your Vision    
Sports: Protecting and Enhancing Your Vision Safety The manufacturers of sports eyewear know that their products serve two purposes for athletes and active people. They protect eyes from the dangers associated with various sports and they enhance performance in extremely competitive environments by providing clear vision improving contrast and reducing glare. The technology behind sports eyewear enables people to potentially play better harder and safer than they would without eyewear. S... Read More

Vision versus Eyesight: Vision Therapy    
Exactly what is vision? Is 20/20 vision adequate for reading ability? In an article written several years ago by Dr. Donald J Getz, OD, FCOVD, FAAO, the terms vision and eyesight were defined rather differently, although many times they are used interchangeably. Dr. Getz defined eyesight as “simply the ability to see something clearly,” as in an individual having 20/20 eyesight as measured in a routine vision examination, while he deemed ... Read More

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