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Are you experiencing fogging glasses with your face mask on?  To help overcome this problem Wingham Optometry Clinic is now selling FogBlocker wet wipes. These eyeglass anti-fog wet wipes come in a box of 30 and cost $20 including HST. Try out a box and BLOCK THE FOG!



At Wingham Optometry Clinic we have been very excited about installing a new state of the art tracing and edging equipment in our lab.  This was installed in March 2020 and will allow for more accurate measuring and precision cutting of lenses.  It will speed up lab processing time and add to the entire visual experience that we offer our patrons.  We look forward to showing off what our new equipment can do for you!



Wingham Optometry Clinic have been acknowledged by Optometry Giving Sight as Silver award level fundraisers, thanks to their efforts during the 2019 World Sight Day Challenge. 

The Clinic donated a portion of each eyeglass sale during the month of October 2019 to the worthy cause.  Donations between $500 and $999 earned the Silver award and this money will be used to support sustainable eye care projects in under-served communities around the world, helping people who are needlessly blind or vision impaired and in urgent need of eye care.  

“We are delighted to have received a Silver award,” said Dr. McCarthy. 

“We have supported Optometry Giving Sight for 6 years and am proud to donate to such a worthwhile cause. The World Sight Day Challenge is a great way to help support the millions of people who don’t have access to the basic eye care that we can take for granted.” 

Optometry Giving Sight is committed to supporting programs focusing on training local eye care professionals so that people in need will have access to sustainable eye care from within their own community. 

Optometry Giving Sight has funded 117 projects in 39 countries since 2007. These projects have helped to:

1. provide basic eye care services to over 7.6 million people 

2. support the establishment of 133 vision centers 

3. train more than 14,000 eye care personnel, which includes funding support to 9 Schools or Colleges of Optometry where 782 students are currently enrolled. 383 students have already graduated with the potential to see 766,000 patients per year. 

For more information about Optometry Giving Sight, visit www.givingsight.org



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