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Make Recycling a Lifestyle Habit
Wingham Optometry Clinic are taking steps to promote better recycling habits. We are now collecting expired and used contact lenses, and their packaging.  
Did you know that inappropriate disposal methods, particularly flushing used contact lenses down the toilet, can have devasting consequences, including the potential to add more plastics into the food chain. This has as major impact on our health and our environment. Let us work together to make this a better world. It is for this reason that Wingham Optometry Clinic have introduced a new initiative in the office.  We are happy to accept your contact lens waste so please feel free to drop off your product to our office for recycling. These will be put into our new Zero Waste Box. Once filled, the box will be shipped to a recycling plant for appropriate product lifecycle.
Wingham Optometry Clinic encourage you to make recycling your contact lenses a new habit.  Thank you to those who already do this ... and thank you to those who donate their old glasses. We continue to accept used glasses which are passed on to organizations who send them to needy countries ... this is a win win situation and much better than having the glasses end up in some landfill. It truly is recyclying in the purest sense. Be a part of lessening our environmental footprint to create a brighter future for all.
Road Trip to Lens Lab
Wingham Optometry Clinic staff went on a road trip this summer to Carl Zeiss Vision. This Toronto lab is where we buy our premium lenses. Staff was given an educational tour of the lab and was very impressed with the robotic high tech equipment used throughout.
Zeiss not only make lenses, but their sister companies produce the technology used by eye doctors to test, diagnose and treat eye conditions. Zeiss’s extensive expertise across various fields of optics informs the design and science behind our vision care products – including your ZEISS eyeglasses.
It is impressive to learn that it was a Zeiss camera lens that recorded the first steps on the moon, artic explorers use Zeiss lenses in their binoculars, microscopic surgeries are done using a Zeiss lens and, closer to home, you possibly have a Zeiss lens in your own camera. These are only a few of the products that Zeiss have contributed to our world and beyond.
OHIP Updates
Did you know that as of September 1, 2023, there are some changes to OHIP coverage for eye exams? Visit www.OHIPupdates.ca to see how your coverage may be affected.
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