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Tearing and Your Baby
Most infants who have a blocked tear duct during the first year of their life will get better without any treatment. Babies enter the world with a cry but they do not begin producing tears until about three weeks later. Tears which are necessary for the natural lubrication of the eyes flow through a series of drainage channels that carry the fluid into the nose. Babies who have noticeable watering of the eyes – with tears overflowing from the lids onto the cheeks – probably have a ...Read More

Teenage Eye
Changes in the development of the eye mostly occur during childhood but the front of the eye might continue to grow well into a person s twenties. Vision needs will change until the eyes finally settle into their adult shape. Regular professional eye examinations are necessary to monitor changes in vision. Learn what to expect from an appointment with an eyecare practitioner. In this section several articles are available to help you make the best decisions regarding eyewear and eye concern...Read More

Teenagers and Contact Lenses
A recent study showed that children as young as 11 years of age are mature enough to handle contact lens regimens. With the increasing popularity of contact lenses as an option for vision correction teenagers are often eager to experience the benefits of contact lens wear. Many parents question the safety of wearing contact lenses at a young age and wonder if their teenager is ready to wear them. In fact there has never been a better time to be a young contact lens wearer. Now with lens car...Read More

Temporal Arteritis (Giant Cell Arteritis)
Temporal Arteritis is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the temporal artery... Most people associate inflammation with joint and muscle pain. They are often unaware that blood vessels in our bodies can also become inflamed (vasculitis) and cause serious complications. The symptoms of vasculitis depend on which blood vessels are involved and what organs in the body are affected. Vision can be threatened when inflamed arteries obstruct blood flow to the eyes and the optic nerve eff...Read More

Tenotomy - A New Type of Surgery For Eyes
Tenotomy is designed to correct nystagmus by removing selected eye muscles and re-attaching them to the eyeball at exactly the same spot. A surgery typically used on ankle tendons knee joints or bicep muscles is now being applied to eyes. The director of Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology at University Hospitals of Cleveland Dr. Robert Tomsak recently performed an innovative surgical procedure to improve the vision of patients with nystagmus an involuntary movement of the eyes that can impair visio...Read More

The Age-Related Eye Disease Study
Everyone over the age of 55 should have an eye exam to determine their risk of developing advanced AMD. In 1992 the U.S. National Eye Institute initiated the Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) to see if high doses of antioxidants and zinc would have any effect on people with AMD. The goal was to determine if these supplements could help stop or slow down the progression of AMD and vision loss. There were 3 640 people between the ages of 55 and 80 who participated in the study. By the time it...Read More

The Basics of Contact Lenses
Contact lenses are ideal for those who feel that eyeglasses are a hassle; they can slip down your nose fog up get dirty and be misplaced. These problems do not exist with contact lenses and they are additionally beneficial as they can increase peripheral vision due to their close proximity to the eye. Sports-minded people often prefer contact lenses as there is a decreased risk of injury during physical activity because unlike spectacles they will not fall off get in the way or get dirty. ...Read More

The Basics of Eyeglasses
The most common vision defects are myopia hyperopia astigmatism and presbyopia. Eyeglasses are a primary method of correcting refractive errors. New technologies in frames and lens materials have transformed large cumbersome eyeglasses into modern thin lightweight and fashionable accessories. Your eyecare practitioner can give you a proper lens prescription as well as help you select a pair of glasses that fit your face style and specific needs. Lens Shapes The type of lens that you require ...Read More

The Basics of Glaucoma
As the disease progresses if untreated patients can begin to lose their peripheral (side) vision or notice blind spots in their field of view. GLAUCOMA. When most people hear or see this word they immediately think of the most horrifying end result: blindness. Though it’s true that glaucoma has blinded millions of people worldwide and continues to do so if caught early it can nearly always be controlled before it causes irreversible damage. Here’s the scary part: Almost always...Read More

The Basics of Sunglasses
The most common misconception is that the darker the lens the higher the UV protection. Sunglasses are now available in more styles brands materials and colours than ever before. Today s sunglasses are both functional and fun. Sunglasses can be worn as a fashion accessory to compliment a "look" give greater visual performance and comfort outdoors and offer protection against the elements. Whatever reason you wear sunglasses all sunglasses should improve your visibility against bright light...Read More

The Cost of Laser Surgery
What might initially appear as a reasonably priced procedure might be quite expensive after the added costs. As with any important purchase cost is a major deciding factor. Before comparing final prices offered by different laser surgery centres it is important to understand what contributes to these costs and which services are or are not included in the quoted price. Some prices include pre-operative consultations to determine if you are a candidate for laser surgery; others include com...Read More

The Human Brain Can Recognize Objects Much Faster
Human beings far outpace computers in their ability to recognize faces and other objects handling with ease variations in size color orientation lighting conditions and other factors. But how our brains handle this visual processing isn t known in much detail. Researchers at Children s Hospital Boston taking advantage of brain mapping in patients about to undergo surgery for epilepsy demonstrate for the first time that the brain at a very early processing stage can recognize objects under a ...Read More

The Importance of Contact Lens Compliance
When a new lens is placed on the cornea the level of oxygen getting through to the cornea is at its peak. Thanks to recent advances in contact lens technology new lens materials and care systems can provide unbelievable comfort throughout the day. But contact lens use is not without risk and the potential for vision-threatening problems is present especially in those who abuse the use of contacts. Those who overextend contact lens wearing time or don’t replace their lenses as instructed ...Read More

The Importance of Eye Exams
Remember an eye exam is an essential part of your overall health routine A lot of people make the assumption that good vision means healthy eyes. Whether you have good vision or not this is not always a good indication of when to have an eye exam. Vision and ocular health conditions are not always accompanied by obvious symptoms. Through routine eye examinations your eyecare practitioner can detect early stages of such diseases as diabetes high blood pressure glaucoma cataracts and retina...Read More

The Importance of Sunglasses
The Importance of Sunglasses "One of the most vulnerable areas on our body when we go outside on sunny days is our eyes." With all the focus on sunscreen during the summer months it leaves the question: Are we doing enough? We make sure our skin is protected constantly with sunscreen and even bug repellent if we are going to be close by to little critters. But are we doing all that we can to ensure our whole body is protected? One of the most vulnerable areas on our body when we go outside ...Read More

The Importance of Sunglasses
When we go outside on a sunny day one of the most vulnerable areas on our body is our eyes.  With all the focus on sunscreen during the summer months it leaves the question : Are we doing enough to protect ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays?  We make sure our skin is protected with sunscreen but let us not forget about our eyes!  Sunglasses are the most valuable protection we can use to shield our eyes from the sun’s harmful effects.   Due to the depletion of...Read More

The Importance of UV Protection
Every day - whether it is sunny or cloudy and despite the season - we are exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Most of the time we don t even realize it since UV radiation is invisible to the eye. However out of vision should not mean out of mind when it comes to UV radiation. Sun can damage your skin in many ways including burning wrinkling skin cancer and premature aging. The sun can be just as nasty on the eyes. Too much unprotected exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV) ca...Read More

The Importance of Yearly Eye Exams (Post-Surgery)
An annual eye examination should be performed as insurance for maintaining good vision and proper eye health. Follow-up care after laser vision correction is very important during the first year following surgery. In the small chance that a complication does occur if diagnosed early and treated quickly it is extremely rare to have any long-term negative effects. Post-operative exams at our clinic are scheduled on a routine basis to ensure the best possible visual outcome and that your eyes...Read More

Tips for Inserting and Removing Contact Lenses
Those who have been wearing contact lenses for a while can usually look back on their first few days with them and laugh at how awkward it felt to try to put their lenses on, while new contact lens patients still struggle with figuring out exactly what routine works best for them. Here are some tips that may be helpful even to long-time contact lens wearers. These tips apply to soft lenses, but the same principles apply with rigid lenses as well, except when removing them; more on that ...Read More

Tonic Pupil
Tonic Pupil The pupil has a decreased or absent light reflex a slow or delayed constriction to near vision and a sluggish dilation in the dark Most of us are not even aware that our pupils dilate and constrict as light changes around us. The pupil regulates the amount of light that enters the eye so it dilates in dark environments and constricts in bright environments. In patients that have a tonic pupil the pupil has a decreased or absent light reflex a slow or delayed constriction to near vis...Read More

Top Tips To Save Your Vision
Top Tips To Save Your Vision More than 23 million Americans and Canadians suffer from severe vision loss. While not all eye diseases can be prevented there are simple steps that everyone can take to help their eyes remain healthy now and reduce their chances of vision loss in the future.   Contents [hide] 1 Wear sunglasses 2 Don t smoke 3 Eat right 4 Baseline eye exam 5 Eye protection 6 Know your family history 7 Early intervention 8 Contact lens care 9 Be aware o...Read More

Treatment for Retinal Detachment, Tears or Holes
The retina is the light-sensitive tissue layer that lines the inside of the eye and sends visual messages through the optic nerve to the brain. As we age certain changes take place that can wear away the retina. Just like your favourite pair of jeans - the more you wear them the more areas of thinness and holes start to appear. In some cases just as your jeans may rip there may be small tears or holes on the retina. These areas can eventually lead to retinal detachment. When the retina detaches ...Read More

Two Faces or One?
Two Faces or One? Our visual system constantly imposes three-dimensional characteristics onto two-dimensional images. While our interpretations of these images are usually correct in ambiguous situations with more than one possible image our brain may not see all of the possibilities. In such situations there are many factors simultaneously influencing our vision. Below are a few pictures that will help demonstrate this point. Image #1 Man playing horn or woman shillouette? Hint: Woman s...Read More

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