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Video Games Improve Vision by 20%
In essence playing video game improves your bottom line on a standard eye chart Video games that contain high levels of action such as Unreal Tournament can actually improve your vision. Video games that contain high levels of action such as Unreal Tournament can actually improve your vision. Researchers at the University of Rochester have shown that people who played action video games for a few hours a day over the course of a month improved by about 20 percent in their ability to identify...Read More

Viral Conjunctivitis
"You have conjunctivitis" the eye doctor informed his concerned patient. "Don t I have pink eye ?" the patient questioned. "Yes" the doctor responded. Although this may sound confusing both doctor and patient here are correct. The patient does have conjunctivitis an inflammation of the conjunctiva....and because her eyes are a deep reddish-pink in color she also has pink eye .   Pink eye is really a layman s term that generally describes an eye that is red and inflamed. The...Read More

Vision and Reading
The following are excerpts from an article on Vision Learning and Nutrition by Donald J. Getz OD FCOVD FAAO This article by an eye doctor discusses children s problems with reading learning and behavior caused by convergence insufficiency eye tracking problems esophoria exophoria and other visual problems. Vision and Eyesight Eyesight is simply the ability to see something clearly the so-called 20/20 eyesight (as measured in a standard eye examination with a Snellen chart). Vision goes ...Read More

Vision Development Milestones: Age One Year and Up
As in our previous article on vision development of infants from birth up to a year old, there are many activities that parents can encourage that will help children up to preschool develop great visual skills they will need later on in school and life. These skills not only help the process of vision but can be helpful in physical coordination as well. In the time between one year and preschool, young children should become very interested iin exploration of their world, looking and li...Read More

Vision Development Milestones: The First Year
Every parent wants the best for their child, and that includes good vision and good visual skills like tracking and moving the eyes as a team. There are a lot of little things parents can do to help their child with this process, and have fun with their baby, too. Most of us think of vision as an inherent, natural thing that just happens, but in truth, using vision is a skill that can be learned and improved. Infants learn about everything in their world, using their eyes, ears, nose, ...Read More

Vision Development: One of Childhood's Most Important Tasks
Vision Development: One of Childhood’s Most Important Tasks Contents   1 Vision Development: One of Childhood’s Most Important Tasks 1.1 Introduction 1.2 The Basics 1.3 School Days 1.4 Summing Up 1.4.1 Diagnosis Codes Vision Development: One of Childhood’s Most Important Tasks Introduction During the first year of life, a large part of eye anatomy and vision development happens...Read More

Vision versus Eyesight: Vision Therapy
Exactly what is vision? Is 20/20 vision adequate for reading ability? In an article written several years ago by Dr. Donald J Getz, OD, FCOVD, FAAO, the terms vision and eyesight were defined rather differently, although many times they are used interchangeably. Dr. Getz defined eyesight as “simply the ability to see something clearly,” as in an individual having 20/20 eyesight as measured in a routine vision examination, while he deemed vision as “the unde...Read More

Vitreomacular Adhesion
Vitreomacular Adhesion The substances filling the back of the eye and keeping retinal and other tissues in place are known as humours. The aqueous humour fills the space around the crystalline lens and iris in the front part of the eye, and the vitreous humour, sometimes called the vitreous body, a relatively thick gelatin-like substance, keeps the back of the eye rounded and supports the retinal tissues, holding them snugly against the rounded inner surface of the globe. As we age, it is...Read More

Vitreous Detachment
Vitreous Detachment Floaters are translucent specks that seem to float about in your field of vision. Some floaters are normal and most people have them but they don’t usually notice them unless they become numerous or more prominent. Floaters can look like cobwebs or squiggly lines or floating bugs. They become more apparent when you look at something plain and bright such as white paper or a blue sky. They are also more evident when they are stirred up such as when you move your eye...Read More

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