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You Need a Eye Examination!
How to Prepare and What to Expect any people don’t recognize that a vision examination is essential as part of our periodic health checkups, assuming that while their vision seems normal, that all is well. In reality, this is really not a good indicator of when or why to have a comprehensive vision exam. A comprehensive vision and eye health examination can alert your eyecare practitioner to the presence of not only ocular conditions, but systemic conditions such as ...Read More

Your Child Needs a Eye Examination!
When? Children should have a comprehensive vision examination before the age of three, and another exam before the child begins school. Because children grow fast, their eyes also change quickly, so it is appropriate that they be examined each year after that If vision problems go undetected, there can be a profound effect on the process of learning and the child s success in school. Unfortunately, many vision problems aren t detected early because children think everyone else sees t...Read More

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